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Health & Wellness

The Forever- Fit Summer Camp has partnered with the Indianapolis Healthplex to create more opportunities for campers.  While we are excited about this new era, some aspects of camp will change.  What won’t change is our holistic approach to a creating a healthier lifestyle, high staff to camper ratio, and an abundance of guidance from health and fitness professionals.

The Forever-Fit Summer Camp will guide your child and family through the challenges that are faced in living a healthier lifestyle:


This is an evidence-based and family-focused day-camp program that addresses the dietary, exercise, and behavioral factors that influence eating and lifestyle behaviors. Since its launch in 2011, FFSC counselors monitor pre- and post-camp progress. For five consecutive years, For 5 consecutive years, FFSC campers have emerged from FFSC with improvements in heart rate, BMI, blood pressure, strength, stamina, self-esteem, self-confidence, among other positive outcomes.


Motivation. Inspiration. Activation. Understanding the role of exercise and diet is an important step in improving health, but maintaining healthy habits year round requires focus and dedication. Our staff helps you identify and address the obstacles you face and offers practical advice on overcoming any hurdle.


During the camp experience campers and families bond and learn new lifestyle skills that can change their lives. Through team-building activities children learn about the importance of self-responsibility and, in the process, boost self-esteem.