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Childhood obesity is recognized as an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), posing a major public health concern for current and future generations. Kids who are overweight or obese are at increased risk for physical, social, and psychological issues. Across the country, efforts are underway to help address childhood obesity while also introducing preventive steps to ensure that kids live healthier lives.

At the Forever-Fit Summer Camp, we believe that a child’s health needs to be addressed within the family, which offers the vital support and knowledge he/she needs to move forward. As professionals in the wellness field, we offer encouragement, promote individual responsibility, and help guide campers to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Coping with obesity is more than simply addressing eating habits and activity levels. We believe that accomplishing goals, boosting self-esteem, and promoting lifetime activity are vital components of lasting fitness.

Diagram showing the possible areas of the human body that may suffer from illnesses and diseases related to childhood obesity.