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Parents’ Night

Parents’ Night every Thursday during Camp, 5:30-7:00pm

Tuesday’s Camp Family Zumba, 6:00 – 7:00pm

Parents attending an orientation event during Parents' Night at the Fitness Farm

Families and caregivers participate in 2018 Forever-Fit Summer Camp; Parents Night, led by Dr. Thomas Barbera, a psychologist who specializes in weight management and healthier lifestyle, through mindful eating.

The Forever-Fit Summer Camp emphasizes the vital role parents and caregivers play in their children’s habits and attitudes about health, nutrition, and physical activity. Parents and caregivers are required to attend and encouraged to actively participate in the camp’s once-a-week, evening meetings called Parent’s Night.

Parents’ Night combines nutrition-related activities and lessons from the camp dietitian with healthy cooking demonstrations by professional chefs and dietitians. During combined parent/child group night, kids and parents sit together to enjoy a healthy meal while learning about portion sizes and how to make delicious meals that incorporate a variety of healthy foods.

After the cooking demonstration and dinner, campers take part in organized games and activities while parents and caregivers participate in a group discussion led by a clinical psychologist. These meetings address family eating habits and raise awareness of ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Parents’ Night allows parents and caregivers the opportunity to share challenges and concerns in an open and non-judgmental environment while also providing the tools and support needed for change from all members of the Forever-Fit Summer Camp staff.

Family Zumba every Tuesday during Camp, 6:00-7:00pm

Family Zumba let’s campers, their family, and friends, workout together at the Fitness Farm.  Lead by certified Zumba instructor, Demetrees Hutchins, not only do you get a fun and energizing workout, but she personally understands the struggles of creating a healthier lifestyle.

Quote from Forever-Fit Summer Camp parent:

“Thursday night gave us tools for getting our whole family on a healthy track.  It proved so important to us, and Zumba was the most fun I’ve ever had breaking a sweat!”