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Camper Responsibility

At the Forever-Fit Summer Camp, everyone pitches in to keep the camp running smoothly. All campers are assigned one chore per day, and our counselors supervise the campers to make sure that the jobs are completed. Tasks vary from kitchen and dish duty to feeding the chickens to sweeping the floors to weeding the garden and maintaining the grounds, among others.

Taking responsibility for assigned tasks is an important lesson and life skill children need to learn. Chores help children better understand that the upkeep of camp property takes work and that every camper and staff member shares the responsibility for—and enjoys the benefits of—keeping the camp in top shape. In the process, children become more responsible and self-reliant while building self-esteem through the creation of a stable environment where they know what is expected of them. As confidence blossoms by mastering each task, children develop the ability to prioritize, organize, and manage time wisely.

The Forever-Fit Summer Camp believes that by giving children responsibilities, they can better relate to the needs of others and become more confident in their abilities. Children look to adults in life to tell them who they are and who they can become. Low expectations can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.