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An Afternoon at Eagle Creek

Stick Up

A group of campers perform a “stick up” for the camera.

Last Friday the campers left the Fitness Farm to get a breath of fresh air at Eagle Creek Park. The heavily wooded forest and the branch-framed views of the creek through the trees proved to be a welcome change of scenery from our open, flat camp.

That said, it was actually a pretty difficult journey. The counselors took us through some intense trails where sometimes the only form of footing was provided by roots peeking through the dirt. The uneven ground proved to be a much greater workout than some of the campers expected, too—some lagged behind as others sped ahead. Throughout the hike there were some falls, some fears, and some fussiness, but luckily we all managed to make it to the creek clearing unharmed. The benches and cool water of the creek were seen as a desert oasis to our nature-drained bunch.


Onivea examines a snail that she found on a tree during the hike.

As many of us rested and some of us played in the water, it was pretty obvious that this break time was the best part of the day for everyone. So maybe the campers aren’t little Bear Grylls in the making, at least we all still made it out alive—a feat any nature enthusiast can be proud of.

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