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And Into the Forest We Go!

This week we did more than just exercise! Together, we conquered the great outdoors… as a team!

On Tuesday, Forever-Fit campers traveled to Fort Harrison State Park for a fun-filled day at Camptown. Field trips to the wilderness adventure camp are always a great time for campers, who learn about the importance of our beautiful state parks and the natural life within. And at Camptown, not only do campers meet kids from other camps, but they experience new and exciting ways to explore and enjoy nature.

Hook, line, and sinker! Campers got a first-hand look into the life and skills of a fisherman.  Campers learned or improved their fishing skills with some hands-on training — baiting their own hooks, using a cane pole, and unhooking fish. Some campers were fearful of touching the fish, but after a few rounds they were professionals. At first, camper Ryann was terrified of taking fish off the line, and by the 2nd fish, she took it off and tossed it back into the water. Lucky Nicole caught fish one after another, taking each one off the hook all by herself. When I asked the campers what they learned in fishing, they all said they learned about “patience.” WOW! How awesome that one little activity opens a camper’s eyes to the life skill of patience!

Over the river and through the woods, a-hiking we will go. Campers had so much fun with the DNR hiking leader, Cat, who taught campers about enjoying and protecting nature all around us. They learned how to identify trees, poison ivy, insects, and wildlife. Camper Andrew helped lead the group with fun facts about nature along with our DNR hiking guide, Cat. Camper Jax and Reese were eager to protect insects on the pathway, and how to protect our environment by not littering. I challenge you to ask your campers what they learned about nature on their hike on Tuesday!

Row, row, row your boats, gently down the stream. Forever-Fit campers overcame any fear of water and learned to row their canoe’s forwards and backwards. Campers were bundled and safely secured in life jackets during the canoe session. What campers didn’t know was that counselors came fully loaded with super-soaker water guns stowed away in our canoes. We had some mad fun super soaking all the campers while they rowed away — and along the way learn how to band together. When asked what they liked best about canoeing, they said that it was how they worked together as a team to travel in the right directions. A very important lesson was learned today — teamwork will get you farther in life and lead you in a good direction.

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