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Making Leaps at Sky Zone

Ms. Elizabeth in the Foam Pit

Ms. Elizabeth joins in on the foam pit action.

Last Friday, we got the chance to visit Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Plainfield, Indiana. Not only was this our last field trip of the summer, but it was also our most special because the ENTIRE Forever-Fit staff got in on the fun. Chef Chelsea dropped her apron and came with the kitchen helpers. Nurse Adrian took off her scrubs and put on some jumping boots. Even our office ladies Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Amanda left the camp to get in on the high-flying action. With literally the whole Forever-Fit family in tow, we were ready to reach new heights at Sky Zone.

After waiting for what seemed like an interminable hour, it was finally our turn to jump into the park. There was a trampoline dunk station where the male counselors all competed to see who could pull off the best moves. Across from that was a foam pit where the campers (and staffers) got to safely land great flips, flops, and twists. Scattered across the entire park were huge free-jump areas, and at the very end was the area that proved to be the camp favorite: the trampoline dodge ball fields.

Dodge Ball Damon

Damon winds up for a perfect hit on the dodge ball court.

Forever-Fit nabbed one of the fields and didn’t give it up our entire stay. We kept filtering our campers and staffers in and out of the bouncing battlefield—the turn-around rate for new dodgers being incredibly fast. If you lost your balance for a second, you were done for. If you turned your back to grab some Nerf ball ammo, it was all over. If you were unfortunate enough to be in Nurse Adrian’s field of view, sayonara.

Although it seemed like a full-blown war out there, the direct hits and smack talking were all in good fun. In fact, it seemed like a bunch of brothers and sisters during some friendly sibling rivalry. I had to smile because, whether we like it or not, we have actually become a Forever-Fit family this summer. All of the fitness exertion, all of the fallbacks, all of the fun—we’ve experienced it together.

As balls and bodies soared in the dodge ball arena, I finally put my camera down to join my fitness brothers and sisters in their battle: on the field for the afternoon and off the field forever.

Don’t forget to check out the video of our day at Sky Zone!

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