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Picking Up Steam

With only a few weeks left at the Forever-Fit Summer Camp, counselors and staff are making the most of the remaining days, filling all available time slots with fun, unique, and vigorous activities for the kids to explore.


Undistracted by her spectators, camper Perchauna uses the wood lathing machine to construct her ballpoint pen.

For many schools with limited budgets, industrial science courses are far from primary concern. Consequently, many students graduate from their respective high schools with little to no technical experience. Therefore, on Thursday of week four, the Forever-Fit counselors took it upon themselves to bring in three woodturning artists and provide the campers with an early opportunity to develop their mechanical minds. With careful supervision from the specialists, each kid took a turn strapping on protective eyewear and trialing the wood-lathing machines. In just a few short hours, they gathered more knowledge about applied sciences than many children receive in a lifetime and returned home at day’s end with brand-new, completely authentic, handcrafted ballpoint pens.


Keeping her eyes on the prize, camper Kyli releases the bowling ball down the lane.

Following the woodturning project on Thursday, camp proceedings switched from craft to sport as the kids loaded up the bus and headed for Woodland Bowl. They experienced a brief delay at the front desk but remained eager as they laced up their bowling shoes and spread out amongst the five assigned lanes. At the end of the afternoon, the campers had completed two full games and dramatically improved their bowling accuracy. Scores were extremely high across the board, and despite the availability of bumpers, the campers had almost no trouble keeping the ball away from the gutter. It was an enjoyable experience for all of those involved and an excellent way to end the fourth week of camp.


Having benefited from all sorts of knowledge pertaining to food and exercise, the Forever-Fit campers are nearly ready to complete their training and begin to make healthy lifestyle choices on their own. However, plenty remains in store for them as they approach their last few weeks of summer and prepare for the conclusion of camp.


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