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Starting Strong — Finishing Stronger

The 2019 Forever-Fit Camp has officially begun. So many of our veteran campers are excited for camp to begin, and the newer children have already found their way into the group. Thank you campers for giving the counselors a wonderful week and thank you to all the parents that showed up on parents night. Starting this coming Monday, the blog will be updated periodically with information about the activities the campers are participating in, as well as plans for the future. For now, though, let’s take a look back through some of the highlights of the previous week of events and see how much fun the campers had together.

Highlight #1: Breaking the Ice

On the first day, the campers all got to know each other in an ice breaker activity where they would toss a dodgeball in the air and whoever caught it had to come to the center of the circle and tell the group their name, as well as their biggest hope and biggest fear for camp this year. This was led by Ashley, one of our counselors who works as a coach for a successful cheerleading program. We learned a lot about each other and then split up for the rest of our activities.

Highlight #2: GaGa Ball

The most exciting part of the Forever-Fit camp for many campers is the GaGa Ball court that we have set up for them to play. What is GaGa Ball? Let the campers show you. Click Below

It’s kind of like dodgeball, but you can’t hold the ball, and you can only hit people with it below the knee. It’s a fast paced game that gets campers on their feet and exercising without even thinking about it. Even the most reserved of campers broke out of their shell to dominate in a game of GaGa Ball this week.

Highlight #3: Indianapolis Healthplex 

The Indianapolis Healthplex is a massive indoor fitness complex with anything you could ever ask for in a gym. The campers got first hand experience with the training programs, basketball and tennis courts, and full sized swimming pool. While they were there, they received their first fitness assessment. The data from this assessment will be used at the end of the year to show how much they have improved their muscle strength, weight loss, and flexibility. For more info on the Healthplex, click here.

BGM by: bensound.com

Highlight #4: Parents Night

Parents night was a wonderful event — huge thank you to all the parents that came to get involved and learn more about their family nutrition. Dr. Thomas Barbera gave a demonstration of family health habits and answered many questions regarding family life. Chef Steve gave a cooking segment, teaching the children and parents how to make a burger and fries meal for less than 500 calories. Follow Chef Steve on Instagram @tastyspins. Parents night is every Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00 and all campers’ families are invited to come join us. Every week we hope that families will be able to learn more about how to refresh their lifestyles and cook new and interesting recipes.

It’s been a great week…

and as it comes to a close, reflecting back on all of the new experiences and lessons learned is the first step to adjusting to a more active, happy lifestyle. We hope that all of the campers enjoyed themselves this week and that all the parents are just as excited to get involved in their experiences as we are. From all our counselors and staff here at Forever-Fit, have a great weekend and we can’t wait to see you on Monday.


-Jake Eiseman, Forever-Fit


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