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Welcome Back Campers!

Monday marked the first day of Forever-Fit Summer Camp 2013! Campers arrived ready and willing for a fun-filled, active next six weeks of summer.

Rule Making

Ms. Elizabeth helps lead the campers in creating rules for the camp.

Before the fun could get underway, there were some rules to establish. Campers and counselors collaborated with Ms. Elizabeth to lay down the laws of the camp. A whopping 21 rules were established (who knew rules could be so fun for kids?)—most of which were eager activity wishes, but some had a deeper message.

No. 1: Have fun every day—a crucial rule for life, if you ask me.
No. 6: Try my best at everything—setting the tone for a summer filled with determination and strength.
No. 18: Have patience—results don’t show up overnight; a little patience pays plenty.

Mile Marks

Jacob shows off his completed lap markings for the mile walk.

Already true to the guidelines they established, the campers went right outside to start their activities. They got their legs working with a brisk mile walk on the track, their feet kicking with a small soccer obstacle course, and their hearts pumping in a little game of color tag. Appetites piqued, they came inside for a delicious, portion-friendly meal of whole-grain spaghetti and broccoli made by Chef Chelsea.

The smiles and eager conversations during the first lunch made it clear that the spirit of this group of campers was shining through. The next six weeks are already looking brighter than ever.

Stay tuned for a photo gallery to meet this year’s campers and check out their goals for the summer!

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