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Keep Calm and Do Yoga

Sunny and slightly windy, Friday was the perfect day for yoga with Silly Hearts Yoga founder Audrey Beaugh.

Campers began with fun breathing and stretching exercises, including an activity called “mirror mirror,” which entailed mimicking each other’s moves to the tempo of the music. “Yoga begins with breathing – and it can be done anytime,” Beaugh said. “If you need a break just take a couple breaths.”

Once warmed up, campers tried out simple yoga moves, such as “buddy warrior” and “the partner tree,” both of which they loved.  And at the end of the session, they performed sun salutations, where they did twelve yoga postures in a single movement.

“For two minutes we will just be quite and listen to the breeze,” Beaugh said to campers as they stretched. She explained that many believe doing yoga is a complex idea when in reality it can be as simple as taking a couple breathes. Anyone can do it!

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