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A Farewell to Camp

This is it. Camp officially ended last Thursday. There goes all the sweat, and here come all the tears.

Honestly, it’s been a long six weeks for everyone. It was up to the staffers to provide the support and guidance needed to set these campers on the path to a healthier lifestyle. For the campers, it was putting in the effort and determination it takes, a fairly foreign concept to some of them at the beginning of camp, to keep up with the struggle that is a healthier lifestyle.

We got active through regular exercise. We became honest with our feelings through art. We learned how to eat the right way through good meals. We grew more accepting of ourselves and each other. That’s it, right?

Though these trying six weeks have ended, the mission of camp has not; the real test is right now. The campers have to go home and continue the good work themselves. Forever-Fit has given everyone the tools they need to continue on the path to a healthier way of life, and now it’s up to them to practice it. Our campers can do it, but the question is will they do it?

I can’t quite answer that question because it’s something the campers must answer for themselves. I can say this, though: From what I’ve observed during the past six weeks, there is some incredible willpower amongst this group of kids, and I’m sure it won’t be subsiding anytime soon. It’s true that Forever-Fit Camp is finished for the summer, but the healthy lives of the campers are just beginning.

After all, it’s not called Forever-Fit for nothing.

Check out a gallery of the campers receiving their diplomas (and the many faces of Ms. Elizabeth)!

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