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Art Reach Days

One new weekly addition to Forever-Fit’s activity lineup this summer is Art Reach taught by Holly Combs, art instructor at the Indianapolis Art Center. Her goal is to help students learn to express themselves and to validate their feelings through art.

Ms. Holly and the art

Ms. Holly gives the campers a pep talk about how to present their works of art.

“The foundation of what I teach is in art therapy, using art to help students put words to their souls—their feelings,” Holly said.

Last week, Ms. Holly engaged the campers in a project called “Feelings” inspired by the artist Hoda Mazloomian. This project was meant to show the campers that they have emotions, and they can control them. The campers took it as a chance to show the variety of feelings they can experience in any given moment; this led to many works of art with mixed personalities.

“I meant to go with serious and nervous at the same time,” camper Walter said, “but it kind of developed as it went, and the emotions are mixed now.”

There are more ways than one to get yourself on the path to a healthier lifestyle, but it’s astonishing how much of it begins with some simple self-reflection. Luckily with Art Reach, our Forever-Fit campers are taking that me-time to heart and turning it into art.

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