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Acts of Discipline and Respect With Coach Bill

Discipline. Something many children have the privilege to learn throughout not only their childhood, but at our camp as well. During the second day of camp, all the kids marched outside as the rain settled down and the sun braved the clouds. Now, tennis courts may be a great space for tennis, but we like to think of brand new ways our campers can use their spaces. Today, we used the back courts for martial arts, the act of discipline. An instructor of TKO Martial Arts Indy, Bill Bartholomew was excited to see the kids. He had done previous events with children in the community throughout the year; however, his fifth-degree black belt still acted as an intimidation factor. Smiles and crooked legs, turned into stiff and still children with big eyes and smiles on their faces. Bartholomew, who the kids referred to as Sensei Bill (Coach Bill), taught the kids basic statures for the beginning stages of karate. Bartholomew teaches his own kickboxing-fit program at the Southeast Community Center in Indianapolis, which includes some high-intensity interval training. His favorite part was seeing the reactions of all the campers and how excited they were to learn that they were working hard at learning something new. We look forward to continuing our lessons within the next few weeks! Thanks Bill!

Check out our youtube video with a quick recap of today’s lesson! 

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