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Day In The Life Of A Fire Fighter

Being a fire fighter is more than just saving lives, it’s promoting a healthy and safe lifestyle through hard work and dedication.

“A car accident. A fire. A broken bone.” All these were answers when our youngest campers were asked by IFD fire fighters what instances would be used for dialing 911. After working one-on-one with a dispatcher and IFD fire fighters, our campers got to reenact a 911 call, as if their own house was on fire. The campers anxiously responded as the dispatcher asked for their address, location inside the imaginary house, and steps the children would take to keep themselves safe until emergency personnel were to arrive.

Last Wednesday, our youngest campers traveled to Riverside Park where the Indianapolis Fire Department generously hosted a Fire Fighter For A Day camp. At this camp, children ages 8-12 visited various stations, those which included a simulation of a burning house, a rescue of newborn baby, a fitness obstacle course, and a reenactment of a 911 call followed by a sprint relay through a giant water hose. At this day camp, fire fighters and safety personnel are not only teaching children the value of safety, they are teaching them how to promote a healthy lifestyle. Amidst all the commotion, our campers were exercising without realizing they were exercising. I even had a couple come up to me and say, “I didn’t realize being a fire fighter was this much work.”

During every obstacle and station, the campers were reminded of healthy eating plans, tips on how to keep themselves safe while thinking of others, and they even got a chance to scrub the firetruck by hand. Nothing like some good old-fashioned hard work to remind the kids that no matter what your future job may be, it’s important to approach the task with dedication. It’s not all about saving lives, it’s about being healthy.

Check out our recap of the day here or on our Facebook page!

Special thanks to Lafayette Limo for providing our cool transportation to the day camp!

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