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Fit like a Firefighter

Cleaning the Fire Truck

The campers love cleaning the fire truck–now if they would only clean their rooms.

Last week, Forever-Fit Campers had the pleasure of heating things up a bit at the Indianapolis Fire Department’s Firefighter for a Day Camp, where they learned lessons about firefighting safety, and most importantly to Forever-Fit, firefighting fitness.

The campers got down and dirty at the engine station, where they helped wash a fire truck (it’s amazing how much kids love to clean when it has to do with a giant vehicle). Additionally, they tested their aim in a fire shoot-out activity with a real fire hose—and they also used it as a giant water toy between turns to cool off.

Human Hula-Hoop

Greg (left) and Damon (right) work together to help Eric pass through the hula-hoop during “the human hula-hoop.”

Next up were the fitness stations, where the campers got to engage in some team-building activities, as well as some healthy competition. They divided themselves into teams to run a few rigorous relays and then came together (quite literally) to play a game known as the “human hula-hoop,” in which they linked themselves into a circle and worked together to pass the hula-hoop around without the use of their hands. Right after, they tested their personal abilities in the firefighter obstacle course—fighting hard to get through the various physical tasks that were presented to them and eventually “saving” a baby—much like the job of an actual firefighter.

Obstacle Course

Mackenzie hustles to get through the tire section of the firefighter obstacle course.

Once the campers experienced the physical side of firefighting, they got to take a look at the safety side, learning how to place 911 calls, how to escape a smoke-filled room, how to help plan their family’s fire escape routes, and once again, how to “save” babies from more fires.

By the end of the day, it was pretty evident that the campers had caught on to the firefighting spirit. They used their physical and mental strength to overcome obstacles, just like firefighters do every day, and ultimately learned that having a sharp mind and body is the key to success.


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