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Broadening the Spectrum

Blowing water out the end of the pool toy, camper Antwane attempts to soak Kyle and the other counselors.

Despite a few newcomers to the Forever-Fit Summer Camp, all of the kids are interacting well and enjoying their more active lifestyles. At the conclusion of week three, they were rewarded for their hard work and commitment to healthy behavior with a trip to Riverside Water Park. Unfortunately, the employees overbooked their schedule, but the campers maintained positive attitudes and sat patiently on the bus as they were caravanned to another location.  Upon arrival, they changed into their bathing suits and spent the next couple of hours splashing and playing in the water. Although not as large as Riverside, the alternative water park came complete with diving boards, climbing walls, and waterfalls, and the kids seemed much less concerned with amenities than they were with cooling off from the heat and enjoying each other’s company.


Administering to her project, camper Onivea polishes off her bird feeder with a beautiful coat of paint.

On the Monday immediately following their trip to the water park, the campers were treated to another special activity. They performed their morning routines as usual, and then Jeremy and Debra from Rocky Ripple Clayworks arrived with a pottery wheel, a fresh supply of clay, and a variety of other materials to test out the kids’ pottery skills and fulfill their interests in ceramic design. With step-by-step directions and careful  instruction from their visitors, the campers spent just more than an hour sculpting birdfeeders and molding diversely shaped bowls. They solidified their projects by coating them with paint and etching their names in the bottom of their creations. Afterward, they offered Jeremy and Debra lunch and then watched as the guests left with a carload of clay fixtures to fire in the kiln and return to camp within a matter of weeks.

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