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Settling into Camp

Fixated on the project before her, camper Jayda receives guidance from an Indianapolis Art Center instructor.

After a hectic first week of activity, campers and counselors returned to the Forever-Fit Summer Camp with renewed energy and enhanced fortitude. On Monday, members of the Indianapolis Art Center paid a special visit to the farm and worked eagerly with the kids to expand their artistic potentials. However, the art experts placed little emphasis on performance technique and instead promoted the importance of self-confidence by encouraging the campers to take pride in their aesthetic craft. At afternoon’s end, the kids had absorbed a number of important lessons and jointly created a beautiful mural that is now displayed prominently for all to see.

Cupping a newborn chick in his hands, camper Derrick poses for the camera.

Due in part to a significant increase in temperature, Forever-Fit counselors allowed the campers substantial time in the pool from Tuesday through Thursday. However, the kids also remained sufficiently active through bike riding, yoga, and various other forms of exercise. Meanwhile, healthy food regiments were upheld and, as always, journal records were maintained. On Thursday, the campers welcomed Ryan Hackman, a representative from RoseAcre Farms, to come speak with them. After discussing everything from the history of RoseAcre Farm to the various types of chicken eggs, Ryan showed the campers a short film and then concluded his visit by allowing the kids to hold the freshly hatched baby chicks that he had brought along with him. Ryan and everyone from RoseAcre Farms have been kind enough to donate the eggs for the entirety of camp

Showing off her dance moves, camper Olivia performs "The Wobble" as taught by counselors Alex and Lauren.

In typical Friday fashion, the campers concluded the second week of camp with a special bus ride and field trip. This week they journeyed to Skate Land, where they spent nearly two hours rollerblading in each other’s company. Despite a few minor spills, the kids maneuvered beautifully on their skates and made vast improvements with instruction from the counselors. After what turned out to be a very intense workout, the campers filed back onto the bus and returned to the farm in preparation for their parents’ arrivals.

Everyone at Forever-Fit Summer Camp is having a lot of fun and trying to keep cool!
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