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Friday June 28th: Rain or Shine

It was a great week at Forever-Fit camp. The beginning of the week brought a lot of rain, but we still found a way to get our exercise in and the rain kept us cool when we were outside being active. Now that the week is coming to an end, let’s reflect back on some of the highlights that made this week great for our campers.

Highlight #1: Hip-Hop Dancing

On Monday, campers got a taste of being a hip-hop star by practicing their dance moves. The instructor was friendly and fun. He encouraged our campers to get up and moving, even when they felt unsure or tired. The activity was more than just dancing, the style of techniques the instructor was teaching were all designed to work out your core and chest. Through the course of 7 songs, campers got to jump, squat, and spin their way to fitness. The campers (and counselors) really seemed to enjoy themselves and are excited to do more activities that have more to do with dancing. It also helped that the songs that were played were right up the campers alleys.

Highlight #2: Down on the Farm

At Forever-Fit camp we are lucky enough to be able to use the Fitness Farm for all of our activities. The campers are happy to give back to the farm by getting active, learning responsibility, and learning more about nature by helping out on the farm. The three groups that work on the farm are gardeners, ranchers, and helpers. The gardeners help out the farm workers to weed the garden, water the crops, and make sure that all the fruits and vegetables that are grown at the Fitness Farm succeed and learn more about gardening in the process. The ranchers feed all of the animals on the farm including pigs and chickens. They also collect eggs from the hens to be eaten. The helpers go around the farm and see what parts of the farm need repair. This week they helped wash the fence that surrounds the farm so that those looking in from the outside see the camp in a higher pedigree.

Highlight #3: Camptown

We’ve already talked about camptown in the blog and in the newsletter but it was just such a great experience that the campers will remember. For many campers this was their first experience with activities like fishing or canoeing. Wednesday was the first day of the week that was sunny all day and the campers appreciated the break from the rain, even if the sun was scorching. The nature hike challenged campers with steep hills and a long trail, but at the end of all of it, they got to cool off with some educational games that got them in the shade and cooled off with water guns. Thank you Camptown for leading us in a wonderful field trip.

Highlight #4: Pickleball

Thank you so much to Miss Mindy and her crew of pickleball pros who came to camp today to teach our campers about the up and coming sport. The campers played a variety of games with the square paddles and heavy balls that pickleball is played with. The campers enjoyed learning how to use the new equipment and challenge each other to see who would be the next big pickleball champion.

Thank you campers, counselors, and all the parents that support their children for a great week of Forever-Fit camp. Let’s hope that next week is just as great, hopefully with less rain.

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Until next time,

Jake Eiseman, Forever-Fit

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