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Monday July 1st: Goodbye June, Hello Heat Wave

Happy July Forever-Fit community!

Camp is already in its 3rd week and it feels like it just began. After all the rain we got last week, it was great to get back outside all day, even in the blazing heat. The heat hit close to 90°F, but our campers dawned their sunscreen and pushed through.

This afternoon campers had another tennis lesson, learning more advanced strategies, as well as the rules of tennis so they can compete in actual matches against each other. They seem to be enjoying challenging each other to matches and the competitive vibe keeps them entertained. On the field campers ran through the heat, trying to best each other at games like Ultimate. Each team tried their hardest to best the other. The counselors even stepped in to speed up the games, adding support to whichever team needed it.

Then, campers tested their might in strength training with counselors Madilyn and Jacob. Taking refuge in the shade of the Fitness Farm’s large trees, they led the campers through ab workouts, pushing them to work harder than the last time they did this routine.

After a long day in the heat, campers finally got to cool off with an extended pool session. 

Thank you to all the campers for giving their best despite the heat and thank you to all the counselors who kept them active and on track even when they got slowed down.

Have a great one,

Jake Eiseman, Forever-Fit

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