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Ready. Set. Exercise!

This week campers traveled downtown to IUPUI and visited the National Institute for Fitness & Sport (NIFS). Upon arrival, campers walked to IUPUI’s Campus Center and ate their lunches. Then they walked around campus and explored the lecture halls, Business/SPEA building, Wood Plaza Fountain, and IU Natatorium. I heard camper Jhurni say ” look how big it is!” Many were shocked to learn that the pool contained 2,000,000 gallons of water.

Once at NIFS, campers were taken into the auditorium to get a quick overview of living a healthy lifestyle. Youth development coordinator, Monica Bopp gave a lesson on sugars and added preservatives. “Drinking Mountain Dew for a whole year can lead to gaining 30 pounds of unwanted fat,” Bopp says. Campers learned how food and drinks containing added preservatives and added sugars aren’t good for their bodies.

Concluding the lecture, Monica took the campers downstairs to the Fitness Center where she went over various stations they would be doing throughout the day. Those which included; obstacle course, a tread wall, running exercises, and volleyball. Campers were split into three groups and sent to their designated stations. Throughout the day they learned about the importance of eating healthy and how it can help increase stamina during workouts. Although campers and staff were sweaty and tired by the end of the day, they all enjoyed their time at NIFS.

Check out the recap of our day here or on our Facebook page!

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