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Concept Training with Joe Boggs

Joe Boggs, owner of Concept Training, Inc. came to the Fitness Farm and gave the campers a session on stretching last Friday. From something as simple as pulling your arm backwards to planking with one hand and one leg, campers get to see their bodies’ flexibility.”What’s lacking a lot of times is flexibility and the balance. That is what’s missing in people’s exercise,” Boggs says. “Every stretch was done at least twice. The first time they tried it they were not good at it; the second time you instantly saw their bodies moving better.”

For 14 years, Boggs has helped clients reach their goals, “People stick with me, and I stick with them, it’s not just the physical aspect, it’s the whole kind of connection of health and fitness” says Boggs.

He emphasized the importance of injury prevention, especially at a young age. Stretching is key. Once injured you can’t workout and can’t be active which leads to other issues so by stretching you are able to prevent injuries from occurring and continue to make progress.

His advice for campers: “Make exercise a daily event in your lives, you should consider exercise just like showering and brushing your teeth,” says Boggs.  His advice for the staff was to take it seriously right now. “You don’t have to do an hour everyday but make it a part of your routine, right now.”

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