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A Farmer’s Life!

Campers learn where their food comes from in a fun and exciting way by the help of Waterman’s Family Farm.

Through the unwanted amounts of trans fats, cholesterol warnings, and food additives, our world has become completely concerned about getting food fast, instead of getting food naturally. By the help of Waterman’s Family Farm , our campers were able to experience naturally-grown food right in front of their own eyes. Upon arrival, courtesy of Lafayette Limo, our campers nourished and fueled their brains with a healthy lunch made by our generous kitchen staff. After lunch, we went for a brisk walk around the farm to get a tour of all the crops planted and grown locally at the farm. Vegetables such as; beets, green beans, and tomatoes overflowed in the well-kept fields waiting for the assistance of small but mighty camper hands to gather.

Shortly after our brisk walk, our campers learned the importance of eating fruits and vegetables without food additives and dyes. A special treat, which included the gathering of beets, brought a quick smile to the faces of many campers. Even the counselors got to hand-pick their own beets for fun. Campers and staff got to help gather all the vegetables and even got to take a beet home for their own enjoyment.

For more opportunities like this, check out our Facebook page or visit http://www.watermansfamilyfarm.com/ to hear about their fall visits!

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