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Rain, Rain…Stay All Day

The importance of a healthy lifestyle is learning how to limit excuses. The weather shouldn’t stop us from our workout, it should only make us stronger.

“Rain, rain, go away,” many campers said as we all watched the puddles grow and the ground moisten. At camp we are very creative at coming up with ways to stay active. When you are living out a healthy lifestyle, it is important to realize how to create a workout with what you are supplied with. Today, we did just that. We moved out the tables and chairs from the mess hall and prepared for a morning of Zumba, courtesy of Demetrees.

The music blared and smiles grew as the campers participated in, what seems to be, their favorite workout. Even the kitchen staff joins in while planning our meal preparations because Demetrees makes it that much FUN. After our Zumba workout, the campers split up into groups to participate in one-minute circuits. We made our own sprint area where campers ran down-and-backs, we made a jumping jack station, a wall sit station, along with some arm resistance training areas.

Here are some quick tips on how to perform an efficient workout inside:

1. Find an open space, enough to run about 20-30 feet. Make up your own sprint routine to get your heart rate up.

2. If you have access to jump ropes or resistance bands, use them. These are simple ways to get your muscles working harder instead of just focusing on your cardio and heart rate.

3. Don’t forget about pushups and jumping jacks. These good old-fashioned moves will never go out of style. They are a great way to improve your cardio level and build your muscles.

4. Do wall sits. It’s very important to think of both your arms and legs when participating in circuits. Wall sits are an easy and effective way to get your leg muscles working harder.

As each station was performed for one minute, transitions happened quickly and campers began to sweat. It’s fun to perform circuits with more than one person, so you can encourage each other.

Throughout the day, we periodically used our open space to play foursquare, run, or dance. It just goes to show that even though the weather may not be in your favor, it is still possible to get your workout on. Make do with what you have because living out a healthy lifestyle is about learning to make small adjustments to fit what’s best for you, not relying on your surroundings.

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