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More Chores Please!

Teaching children the value of hard work and upkeep of the Fitness Farm leaves them feeling accomplished.

Finally, a day without rain. Smiles shined along with the sun, as we dug deep into our daily chores today. The campers were separated and sent outside to lend a hand in the garden, pull weeds, and to collect loose branches all while maintaining a positive attitude.

Our generous green-thumb garden assistant Nate, taught his group how to plant seeds. I may have misunderstood, but I’m pretty positive I even heard camper Taylor say, “I am enjoying this, it’s pretty relaxing.” The six gardeners planted green beans, basil, and squash to fill up all the empty space.

As the gardeners finished up their seed planting they offered to lend a hand to the other campers pulling weeds. It’s a lot easier to get chores done when there is teamwork involved. I even kept reminding the campers, it’s a great feeling to work and create something from the beginning and watch it grow. By the end of the camp, the yard will be even cleaner and the garden will be full of fresh veggies. Stay tuned for the results!


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