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The day started off gloomy with scattered rain showers. Campers had been indoors all day and although they had come up with creative ideas to stay active it was time for a field trip.

After a delicious lunch, campers arrived at Legends Cheer Academy II for a private cheer lesson from our very own camp counselor, Ashlee Buczek.

Campers warmed up with some cardio, alternating between running in place and doing push ups, as music played. Then, they stretched. It was tough but exciting as many of the campers were surprised by their own impressive flexibility. After warming up and stretching their muscles, they began their next challenge: jumping, crawling, and sprinting through the different stations that were set up around the gym. They’d make their way over, under, and around the different pieces of equipment, before walking as quickly as possible across the balance beam at the very end of the circuit. (Ashlee made one rule very clear: “when you found yourself doing nothing, always run in place!”)


IMG_3210 IMG_3212 IMG_3221 IMG_3216

After a much-needed water break, campers learned basic cheer moves. They were divided into three groups and assigned to one of the three stations, where they practiced tumbling, stunting, and dancing in 15-minute intervals. These stations were the perfect way to work out and have fun! Plus it gave them a glimpse into the world of competitive cheerleading — too cool!

IMG_3236 IMG_3239 IMG_3275

Thank you, Legends Cheer Academy, for letting us stop by and experience a little of your world.

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