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Just Keep Swimming

Trying something new can be daunting, but that’s not stopping Forever-Fit camper, Kaydence. This summer, she’s facing her fear of swimming with weekly lessons from the camp’s swim coach, Trent.

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Last Friday, Kaydence suited up for her first lesson. Her challenge: holding her breath underwater. While it seems like a small step, it’s huge progress for Kaydence. “My mom has become scared with all the news of kids drowning on TV, so she is encouraging me to learn how to swim,” says Kaydence, who’s inspired by her dad’s stellar swimming skills.

Next she learned how to kick. “Start by kicking your legs really hard while holding this kick board,” Trent told her. Kaydence nodded and gave it a try. With his encouragement, she went back and forth across the pool a couple times. And soon enough, after learning how to move her arms through the water, she was proudly doing the dog paddle.

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Even though her weekly swimming sessions have just kicked off, one thing is clear: this camper has a ton of courage — keep it up, Kaydence! As singer Pharrell Williams once said, “You’ll never know what you can do until you stop being nervous and allow yourself to try.”

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