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W is for: Waterman’s Family Farm

Wednesday, the kids of Forever-Fit summer camp had the opportunity to visit Waterman’s Farm. Established in 1978 by Bruce and Carol Waterman to provide families a place to handpick their own produce the farm has a reputation for its flavorful tomatoes, sweet corn, pumpkins and most importantly (for us) their juicy strawberries. Yum.


                                                                                         IMG_2372     We started off with a quick tour of the farm. Our tour guide gave us the scoop on how plants grow, including the importance of sunlight and water. And boy, was it hot. “We had 3 days above 92 degrees last week!” she said, then reminding us to drink plenty of H2O to stay hydrated.

As we kept walking, it was clear that the campers were eager to pick strawberries. “Is it almost time?” several asked. Finally, after 15 minutes of walking through the farm, it was strawberry picking time!

IMG_2388     Soon enough, campers walked down straw-filled paths as they picked strawberries. (I have never seen so many kids get in formation so quickly!) As they tasted their first berries, their eyes lit up with joy. ‘They are so sweet!” one camper said. “I am definitely going to get more.” And that is exactly what they did. It’s safe to say they had a great time!


Once back at camp, the kids cooled off by hopping in the pool! Talk about a sweet day.


Until next time Waterman’s Farm!

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