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Veggie Tales

Thanks to our green thumbs and this summer’s amount of rain, campers see their hard work progress in Forever Fit’s garden.

Among today’s thunderstorms, our campers still got the chance to put their determination to the test with our daily chores. Some which included, working hard in the garden while laying down a base soil to help our plants flourish. For some fun, we got a quick tour of what was growing quickly and efficiently.  Thanks to the United States Department of Agriculture, we have learned that since the addition of a new satellite, scientists can now map and record Earth’s soil moisture according to Earth’s orbit to help us monitor droughts and the best time for planting. Well, it looks like we picked the right time to plant our precious veggies, because today they were big and looked delicious. Since the leaves were more noticeable than the vegetables, thanks to Nate and our campers we were able to get a quick description of each vegetable as we were laying our soil compost.

Through our gardening, campers are able to see their determination transform into something they created. It allows them to express themselves by picking which veggie to plant and selecting an area for it to grow. It’s a great feeling when you can create your own food without dyes and additives!

Here is a fun quiz put together from pictures of our garden today and facts courtesy of WebMD!

Answers (from left to right): TOP: peas, pickle, corn, tomato. BOTTOM: bell pepper.

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