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What (Can)’t You Do?

Former NFL Defensive Back Marlin Jackson teaches campers how to grow mentally and physically.

“Hut, Hut, Hike!” — A phrase commonly associated with the start of a football play, but also a phrase that can be related to the start of a workout. Each day children and adults around America struggle with gaining the motivation to workout. Even those who create workout goals everyday, still struggle to reach those goals. Through the struggle of gaining the motivation to begin a workout or throw that first pass, an individual finds passion.

Former NFL Defensive Back Marlin Jackson, who played for the Indianapolis Colts from 2005-2009, has made various trips to visit the campers during this summer’s Forever Fit camp. Jackson has been hosting a program through the Fight For Life Foundation, which is a program for disadvantaged youth of various ages in Indiana and Pennsylvania. Through the foundation, the campers have been participating in a “Building Dreams” program, where they have had lectures on Philanthropy, Volunteerism, and much more. Each Tuesday and Thursday, campers have discussed ways to become successful through making a goal, keeping it in mind, and taking the proper actions to achieve that goal. “We have to get outside our comfort zone, expand, and grow because that’s how we get better. It’s important for them (kids) to go against what they’re afraid of,” Jackson stated. Through his program he has worked to give kids the tools and mental state needed to be successful despite growing up in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

We have seen the results from these lessons come to life!

During this week’s last mile testing, we witnessed stronger and faster times from majority of the campers. At the beginning of camp, we did a series of fitness tests to see what levels each person stood at in categories such as; running a mile, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. Yesterday, we witness camper Onive chant to herself that she could do it, as she neared the end of her mile run. During this time, she was getting support from friend and camper Madisyn while they pushed each other to the end. As both campers, told themselves they could do it, they started a chant as they got closer to the finish line. When both campers finished, they were proud of what they had accomplished because it was FASTER than the first mile test just six weeks ago. Let that be a lesson that when working out or throwing that first pass during a football play…as Marlin would say, it’s all in the head and mind. Think positively and start saying What (Can)’t I Do? Don’t say I can’t, say I CAN!


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